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Some of the best sites for gay men include Zoosk, BeNaughty, and Some of the It's good to meet on dating sites, but it must translate to a real date.
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If you're uncomfortable, or scared, don't do it.

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Take your time. Not Helpful 76 Helpful If your classmate is touching you inappropriately without your permission or consent, tell a teacher or another faculty member right away. Not Helpful 12 Helpful What are you supposed to do if a parent keeps telling you that you're not gay, but you for a fact know that you are? Tell your parents politely and gently that only you can know who you are and that if they really love you they would be able to accept it. Tell them that you are just being you.

Tell them that it is a gift and that you are proud of it and hope that some day they accept it. If they continue to not accept it, ask that they at least refrain from trying to tell you who you are. Go about finding supportive people among your friends. Not Helpful 85 Helpful Can you be mostly attracted to one gender, but have one person that just breaks that?

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Yes, there is a diagram that shows this called the "Kinsey scale of sexual behavior". Look this up and you might find that you fit into the category '1' or the catagory '5', depending on your gender and which gender you are attracted to. Not Helpful 66 Helpful I am romantically attracted to females but sexually attracted to men.

Does that make me bi or? You don't necessarily have to have a label, but if you would prefer to identify as bisexual, that works. Or, you can just not have a label. It's best to do what's going to make you most comfortable in the long run. What should I do if my parents are mad at me for being gay and I'm feeling suicidal?

Call the suicide hotline. Your parents don't define your value. You are worth it in your own right. Not Helpful 24 Helpful Probe your friends' responses to LGBT related questions to gauge their reactions, or if you feel you can trust them enough on this issue already, then ask them to follow you to a private place and simply say "I'm gay. Remember that people aren't predictable, and you should never force yourself into these situations, it has to be of your own volition.

Ask them to respect your privacy as this is not always a given. Talk to friends whom you trust not to overshare or gossip, as managing to come out with a lack of control can make you feel like your life is completely out of control. Not Helpful 32 Helpful Unfortunately, you have to move on, because he isn't compatible with you.

Allow yourself to be sad, watch movies, and eat ice cream. Keep your distance from him as needed until it hurts less. There are many guys out there, and in time, you'll find one who likes you back. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Just because people who are conventionally sexy don't turn you on doesn't mean you do not like that gender. Maybe you prefer a skinny build to an athletic build, or small-breasted women? Try imagining doing sexual things with people of the same or opposite sex not necessarily someone you actually know. Ask yourself what you find attractive, and what turns you on.

Remember that there's nothing that qualifies you or anything else for a particular sexual orientation other than being attracted to people of a certain gender. Also remember that Pride parades are not necessarily representative of everyday life for most gay people, any more than a Halloween party is representative of life for people in general.

Also realize it's ok to be straight and enjoy pride parades or any other combination. Your value as a human being is not determined by your sexual orientation or fashion sensibilities. If you don't want to, you don't have to label yourself at all. You like who you like, and leave it at that.

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You can tell people that, and it's polite for them not to read too much into it. It may help to think of sexual orientation as a spectrum, or to think of yourself as loving people , not just their gender. An educator once said "A therapist's job is to help you find out what you think; if they tell you what they think you are, then they aren't a good therapist.

Most people in most everyday circumstances are being friendly or professional, not sexual. Don't worry if people judge you because you are a gay. Remember some of the people around you are gays. So don't worry because you are the only gay person around.

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Don't care what other people think, be yourself. If you're uncertain or fearful about what it would be like to be a member of a sexual minority, the best way to deal with that is to meet people who are in that minority. You'll probably find that most of them seem about as normal as anyone else. Be proud of yourself, do not let anybody put you down. If they can not accept you for who you are then you don't need to be around them always.

Keep your heart and mind open as you never know what's around the corner. Please note: This isn't necessarily a fool-proof guide to knowing if you are gay. Really, only you are the one who can figure out your sexuality. Enjoy the experience! Many people may judge you or try to; don't take notice of them because all they are doing is trying to bring you down and if they cannot accept that you're gay or lesbian or bi then don't associate yourself with them. Rather try to be around people who accept you for who you are and don't have a problem with who you want to be.

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You may spend lots of time questioning your own sexuality. Even though they think they are helping you they are not - unless they ask you a lot of questions that help you realize yourself. There are a lot of straight people who think they may be gay and obsess about this - you may be one of them. Search online for stories of people who are bisexual, gay, or lesbian. They don't have to be similar to your story, in fact, everyone's coming out experience is by definition unique.

See these online stories as a source of inspiration. Online resources can be a great source of information and online message boards can be very useful in connecting you with other questioning people, like planetout. Seek out gay people or others who are questioning and talk to them. You can attend anonymous support groups in your community. What do you enjoy more? Instead of just thinking sexually, think intimately with both genders. Kissing, hugging, etc If your reaction is more along the lines of "Meh, whatever There is nothing wrong with labeling yourself but don't let your label prevent you from acknowledging your feelings.

Some lesbians can fall for straight guys, gay guys can fall for trans guys, straight girls, bi guys, bi girls. You'll know once you find what attracts you to other people. Trust what you feel towards someone. If you are uncomfortable with going to one of these meetings due to privacy concerns or are simply unable to attend in general, search online for some chat groups. Be weary of websites that are considered "not safe for work", as they are more common than "safe for work" LGBT chat groups. Try to find friends that are accepting.

If your current friends don't like that you are gay, find new ones. Trying to convince them of your sexuality isn't worth it.

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If you are still figuring things out, but do know that you definitely are not attracted to the opposite gender, tell people that you are still figuring it out; but if they say you are just a confused straight person, politely correct them and don't let them tell you who you are. If someone is judging or dismissive of your sexual orientation, cut ties with them. Don't worry about breaking up friendships, if they can't accept who you are, they aren't for you. Warnings Choose your friends wisely; you don't have to befriend other gay people simply because you have just discovered that you are gay yourself.

On the other hand, having gay friends can provide you with a support network of people who are going through similar experiences as you. Seek out caring, supportive, levelheaded people within the community who share your interests. Do not hide from your potentially negative feelings about your sexual orientation in drugs or alcohol.

Substance abuse will only make accepting yourself more difficult than it may already be. This will only further compound your problems, leading you into becoming a nervous wreck. Don't let anyone force you to label yourself. If you do, remember that no one has the right to question your proclaimed identity: Regardless of what your parents, your preacher, your queer friends or your straight friends might tell you. Be whoever you feel like being.