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David S Bimbi at City University of New York - LaGuardia an independent male escort (Parsons, Bimbi, Koken, & Halkitis, in press). To date.
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Results Four communications themes were identified: It was found that years of age accounted for 32 of the 51 advertisements that provided age. Gender and the type of Web-based platform mattered for information communicated.

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Men and transworkers used Internet classified advertisement platforms with predetermined categories. Zero men or transpersons restricted alcohol or drug use. Conclusions The study findings contribute to understandings about the diverse platforms used in commercial sex advertisements, and how sex workers frame information for potential clients.

This information affords health care providers and policy makers insights to how they might assist with promoting the health of Internet-based sex workers and their clients. Nov This is an exploratory research based on primary data. The data have been sampled through snow ball sampling method. Jan This article examines the sex industry in the online environment in Slovenia, which has not yet been the subject of research. The complexity of the sex industry is recognized as an intersection of various forms of sex work, from prostitution to dance, striptease, escort services, erotic massage, Internet services.

Marketing strategies and their effects on the sex industry, especially on sex workers, and networking of organizers, clients and sex workers are analyzed. We study the role of information and communication technologies in the organization and representation of sex work, and consider particularly the questions of gender relations, inequalities and power distribution. Findings are based on the analysis of 44 websites, obtained with the method of web crawling, which comprises the majority of Slovenian sex industry on the web.

Features of the sex industry are also examined with a more detailed analysis of two prominent online actors in this field in Slovenia Sloescort and Zavod 69 , above all of their networking with other actors, but also organization, functioning, content and representational strategies.

The analysis shows that the organizers and clients of the sex industry in Slovenia use a variety of online tools for marketing and promotional purposes, and that their use and representational strategies reinforce commodification and stereotypization of sexuality and women working in the sex industry. Also, the analysis reveals oligopolistic positions of power held by the organizers and clients in relation to especially female sex workers.

Uy et al. Negotiating Professional Identities: May Roman Kuhar. This article presents selected results from the first exploratory study on male sex workers in Slovenia. Entry into sex work is narrated at the crossroads of poor socioeconomic circumstances as a trigger, as exemplified in past studies, and a career decision-making, as noted by the recent studies.

The distinction also runs along the lines of types of relationship male sex workers establish with their clients; while the first group describe relationships as turning into friends-like and moving beyond sexual encounters, the second group keep their contacts with clients as strictly business relations. This distinction can also be read in the context of the use of online technologies: Young Men Doing Business: Male Bar Prostitution in Berlin and Prague Dec Sexualities.

Studies of male sex workers are often confined to the individual level rather than exploring their work environment per se or the larger ecological context in which their business activities are embedded.

Not all sex work is the same. CUNY study compares male sex workers on Craigslist and Rentboy.

We know relatively little, for example, about the spatial location of erotic worksites apart from street-level work or the interactional dynamics of sellers and clients within such settings. This article presents an ethnographic study of bars and clubs in Prague and Berlin where male sexual commerce is transacted. The analysis links our micro-level findings to the larger forces of labour migration and sex tourism, factors that differ between the two cases. Dec Matthew V. Our knowledge of men who offer sexual services exclusively to women via the Internet and how they differ from male-for-male escorts is quite limited.

Escort advertisements are likely to reflect differences in both the providers themselves and the targets of these ads. A content analysis of online ads posted by male-for-female and male-for-male escorts is conducted in order to compare these groups of sex workers with regard to demographics, personal descriptors, fees charged, sexual and nonsexual services provided, disease status, involvement in pornography, and pictures posted face shots, penis and butt pics, wearing of suggestive attire, sexual poses.

The increasing popularity of the internet as a working site among male sex workers in Melbourne. Andrew McLean.


In recent years, the internet has arisen as a viable alternative to these sites. Motivations for the pursuit of internet-based work are numerous and include perceptions of greater ease, convenience and accessibility; anonymity, autonomy and safety, but, above all, the potential for more lucrative returns. The article also highlights the seemingly large numbers of men using dating websites who are casually propositioned online and may consent to such proposals, suggesting further research is required to ascertain the characteristics and experiences of those involved in informal sex work activity.

Legalizing prostitution: From illicit vice to lawful business. Ronald Weitzer. In recent years, America has witnessed major trends in the normalization of some types of vice or previously stigmatized behavior. Marijuana has been decriminalized in some places; gay rights are increasingly protected by the law; casino gambling and state-sponsored lotteries have become quite popular; and pornography, strip clubs, and other sexual entertainment have proliferated.

Prostitution is a glaring exception to these trends, not only in the United States but in many other countries as well. The very notion of legal prostitution is alarming to many people; they simply cannot fathom it. Merchandizing Sex on the Web: Gender Bias in Profiling Actors and Services. Jul Gend Tech Dev. This article explores the dynamics of sex commerce on the web that occurs on various websites, and offers services ranging from escorts, nightclubs, massage parlors, and dating sites to multifunctional hubs. The study analyzed commercial websites, focusing on three European countries, France, Greece, and Slovenia, with the purpose of revealing the representational patterns of online sex commerce.

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We examine marketing strategies, look at the role of gender, and discuss the impact of profiling on the agency of sex workers. The analysis shows that websites and online networks tend to represent sexualities as a commercial niche where gender, ethnicity, and class intersect to reproduce gender stereotyping. We theorize sex work as gendered work that is similar to but also different from other work, and analyze web representation in this context.

Show more. Social characteristics of adolescent male prostitution. Price B.

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Scanlon M. Teenage male prostitutes, a group seldom available for serious study, are examined by the authors on two levels: The study consisted of twenty-eight adolescent males, known to be involved in prostitution, who participated in a recorded interview schedule designed to examine their family history, parental and sibling relationship patterns, school involvement, and friendship patterns.

In general, the twenty-eight adolescents report troubled family histories; their predominant memories being those of parental fighting, drinking, and neglect regardless of parental marital status. They report poor relationships with their families, adults, and friends. They perceive themselves as isolated, victimized, and unsuccessful in school and with peers.

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All this suggests that those concerned with providing treatment for this population should recognize that though the current sexual victimization of prostitution compounds treatment issues, it may not represent the principle issue of the youth's life. The primary therapeutic issues are not necessarily sexual nor typical adolescent issues. They are much more likely to be the more fundamental issues of arrested development. In conclusion, it is noted that survival needs must be met before more nuanced psychological problems can be addressed. A review of male to male commercial sex encounters.

This paper provides a comprehensive review of the scientific literature on male sex workers. This review includes developing a model which can be used to research and explain the factors influencing safe sex outcomes in male-to-male sex work. Deviant Career Mobility: The Case of Male Prostitutes. David F. This paper examines deviant career mobility using data from interviews with 28 male prostitutes.

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These respondents identified three modes of operation in their world—street hustling, bar hustling, and escort prostitution—and ranked them according to level of income and safety from arrest. While some prostitutes developed relatively stable careers within a given rank, others developed ascending careers. Most of the respondents moved from street hustling to bar hustling, and a few ascended to escort prostitution. I analyze the interplay of objective and subjective contingencies that shapes these patterns of mobility, and I discuss the conditions that affect career mobility in various deviant worlds.

Commercial sex between men: The diary was completed following each commercial sex encounter by the MSW. The results reveal that MSWs reported commercial sex encounters during the study period, with an average of The majority of sex encounters took place in either the client's or the MSW's residence, with significant variations by city. The average sexual encounter lasted 70 minutes, and comprised two sexual acts, masturbation and oral sex. Condom use was reported in Use of drugs and alcohol reveal interesting patterns: Clients were more likely to use alcohol, while MSWs had significant differences of usage of the different drugs.

This study demonstrates that the majority of MSWs are offering and practicing safe sex behaviours, however, MSWs working in the street setting are still likely to be practising unsafe sex. Male sex work is becoming an organised business and this provides opportunities to implement further public health interventions. Basics Of Qualitative Research: Grounded Theory Procedures And Techniques. Strauss Anselm Corbin Juliet.

Managing deviance: Hustling, homophobia, and the bodybuilding subculture.

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The subculture of bodybuilding is the backdrop of an analysis of some contradictions inherent in American masculinity. In this, one also finds the incongruent presence of homophobia.

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This study shows that this irony is necessary if the hustler is to maintain his alleged heterosexual identity. Hypermasculinity and strategies of economic survival in the highly competitive southern California bodybuilding scene are also examined in relation to hustling and more generally to American masculinity. Contradictions in bodybuilding are shown to be more problematic than studies of other street hustlers and prison populations where homosexual behavior is juggled with heterosexual identity. Potential participants were identified through magazine advertisements, user profiles on a popular online service, and escort web sites and were sent an e-mail inviting them to call a project number for more information.

Fifty men completed a face-to-face interview and quantitative instruments, which assessed HIV sexual risk behaviors with work and nonwork partners, sexual compulsivity, sexual sensation seeking, and a measure of self-confidence. Sexual compulsivity was associated with higher frequency of engaging in HIV sexual risk behaviors. Implications and suggestions for future research and prevention programs are discussed.

Dynamics of the Deviant Sale. This paper examines the dynamics of male prostitution for purposes of identifying some of the principal characteristics of the deviant sale. The deviant sexual sale consists of seven stages, each involving an important task which the prostitute and customer accomplish together: The deviant sale is relatively tenuous; the partners must attend to and deal with a wide range of matters that often are glossed over or taken for granted in respectable sales.

The sale also is relatively dangerous; deviants face official sanctions and exploitation by their associates.